Hillview Primary School and Early Years is a very special place. We strive to ensure all learners can be the best they can be, in an environment which is safe, respectful and nurturing. We pride ourselves on our inclusive ethos. Our dedicated teaching team and resourceful support staff, work tirelessly to create inspirational thematic learning environments, which immerse and inspire children to be lifelong learners.

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Year 6 posed their own questions to investigate about electricity. While writing their questions they thought care… t.co/guJ9GbwoL5
In Maths this week, Reception Class have been busy exploring the number 9, practising accurate counting, recognisin… t.co/nC0LknUVQh
Year 1 enjoyed learning all about Gurjaap's religion and culture today. Thank you so much to his Mum for taking th… t.co/aBeVbb4ZKT