Monday 13th November 2017
Last week Skyne and Willow were on their holidays!  They went to stay with Mrs Smith.  They went on lots of long walks in the forest and by the lakes.  They had a great time but we all really missed them.
This week is Health and Well-being week.  We learnt that it is important for Skye and Willow to have healthy brains, just like us.  To do this  we have to challenge them like our teachers do us!


Monday 9th October 2017

The children all shared their understanding of how to care for dogs.
We discussed what it means to be a responsible dog owner.
Lots of the children thought of what we have learnt in Dogs Blog so far and what they know from home.
Later, the children made posters to help others learn and then we took Skye and Willow for a walk.
Monday 25th September 2017
Hello everyone, welcome to the new term of Dogs Blog!
Today the dogs were given treats in a dog maze.  They had to keep turning the maze over and over to get the treats out.
One dog was cheeky!  Skye let Willow do all the of the hard work and then Skye took all of the leftovers.
We listened to Mrs Talbot and we learned how to make Skye and Willow lie down.  We learned that sometimes dogs like to be left alone to sleep, rest and relax.  When Skye and Willow are in their cage we always leave them alone.  Additionally. we learnt how to redirect the dogs when they are disobeying rules.
 Monday 10th July 2017
William showed us how to get the dogs to lie down using a treat.  Skye can retrieve a ball after it is thrown sometimes.  Willow can run faster than Skye.
If one dog has the ball the other dog gets the ball off of them.  When the dogs are looking for food it can be hard to get their attention.  Sometimes showing them the ball can help.
If a dog you don’t know comes up to you, you can cross your arms to show them that you don’t want to play.  If they still want to play you can turn your back to them.
Willow and Skye lie on their backs to show us that they would like their tummy rubbed.
You can usually find the dogs by the gate at the beginning and the end of the day.  They like to say good morning and goodbye to all of the children.
Skye and Willow are very friendly dogs.  They wag their tails to show they are happy.
During the day Skye and WIllow like to lie in the sun or rest in the Haven.  Sometimes children take them out for a walk around the field.  The dogs are like part of the great big Hillview family!


Monday 3rd July 2017

This week we learnt that chocolate is poisonous for dogs!

Last week, Skye was really naughty and she stole 2 big bars of chocolate and ate them, including the wrappers.  Mrs Talbot had to take her to the vets to get medicine to make her better.  Skye was very quiet the next day.

On Sunday, when it was very hot, Skye and Willow went to McDonalds and had an ice-cream each.  They really enjoyed it and when Skye finished hers, she helped Willow eat hers!

Monday 26th June 2017

Today, at Dogs Blog, we have learnt that Skye and Willow love running and chasing after tennis balls.

Skye is better at bringing the ball back so that we could throw is again for her.  Willow found this a little tricky.

Willow and Skye had a play fight to get the ball off each other.

After a busy day with the children and lots of tennis ball chasing, Skye and Willow are very tired.

Mrs Deasy stayed with us at Dogs Blog today and we were able to teach her al about the puppies!


Monday 19th June 2017
Lots of the children have been asking what Willow and Skye do at the weekends when they are not a school.  So dogbloggers Nikita and Teegan did some investigating to find out!
On Saturday it was really hot, so Skye and Willow went in their paddling pool to cool off and play.  Afterwards, they played in the forest area at the bottom of their garden, hiding their balls.
A little later, they went inside for a snuggle on the sofa.  On Sunday, it was so hot that Mrs Talbot trimmed all of Skye’s fur to cool her down.  See how much hair she lost!!


 Monday 12th June 2017
When Mrs Talbot went on holiday, we really missed the dogs.  We were really excited when They came back to see how much they had grown.
At Dogs Blog today we found out that the dogs are very intelligent!  Mrs Talbot bought in some challenging dog puzzles.  The puzzles were pushing things and pulling out drawers to find treats.  They were both able to do the puzzle but Willow was very quick.
On the field the dogs were chasing tennis balls, they were so fast that we couldn’t believe our eyes.  The dogs were extremely fast!  Skye was cheeky and ran into the pond area but Josh rescued her.
Skye has go a new collar which stops her bleeps if she barks.  This is helping her to stop barking.
 Monday 15th May 2017
Today we learnt:
  • Skye is cheeky because she waits for Willow to do the work and then Skye gets the rewards.
  • A dogs work includes getting treats out of puzzles.  This is good for training and helping them to learn.
  • The dogs like playing, this is good exercise for their brains and their bodies.
  • If Mrs Talbot is leaving Skye and Willow at home she leaves puzzles for them to solve.
Monday 8th May 2017
Dogs Blog has new members this term who will be taking care of Willow and Skye and reporting to you.
The new members are Tyler, Aadam, Ava, William, Sophie, Teegan, Chloe, Georgia, Megan, Atrum, Caden, Zaynah, Nikita and Josh.
During this session we have enjoyed playing with the dogs.  We let them off the lead and they ran with us.  We learned that Skye and Willow like to run around.  Willow is very fast and Skye enjoys chasing tennis balls.
We also learned that we must not crowd around the dogs or scream as it might scare them.
During mock SATs week, Skye supported the children who were doing their tests in the Haven and Willow went over to Forest School.
After the tests were finished on Thursday, all of the children from Y6 in small groups did some training with the pups and the final group fed and walked them, led by Maisie and Emily!
Emily and Maisie also spent the week emailing ‘Nick’s Timber Yard’ negotiating costs for the fence.  The result is a discounted fence and free delivery!  Well done girls 🙂
Each lunchtime small groups of children have spent time with the dogs fussing, grooming and walking them and many children have been able to spend time with them for the first time.  The dogs are very lucky and spoilt.
On Monday after school both Skye and Willow passed their APDT Good Companion Puppy Award and now have to start training to come ‘PAT’ (Pets As Therapy) dogs.

 Week 9            

Dogs Blog would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated cakes and supported the fundraising.


We have asked for a quotation for fence panels from Nicks Timber and we are hoping to get started as soon as possible.

Nikita and Teegan’s dad and granddad are going to structure the fence.

Maisie reported that some Year 6 children are yet to properly meet the dogs and has requested that they meet up on Thursday after the last test paper.

On Sunday, Willow and Skye went for their first puppy pamper session at the Groom Room where they were bathed, blow dried, snipped, nail clipped and ears cleaned.  They looked like celebrities when they came to school with their new bandanas on.


 Week 8
The dogs blog children and some of their friends have created an action group for the dogs!  The children want to be able to see the dogs during their play time and lunch time, so they have decided to fundraise to buy a fence so that the dogs can safely be outside.
The children have organised a cake sale on the 24th March (Red Nose Day) to fundraise for the dogs fence.  If you would like to support them please bake or donate cakes.
Nikita and Teegan’s daddy has agreed to put the fence up once it has been bought.
This week Lexie, Maisie and Emily asked if the dogs could come to assembly to receive a certificate and an award for good behaviour.  Mrs Curtis said that the dogs could be awarded a certificate during dogs blog and it will be recorded for the other children to see.
Week 7
This week on Dogs Blog, it is Willow and Skye reporting live for you.
This week the dog bloggers took us out for a stroll around the playground and to play ball.  One of the children found a hoop and they got us to jump and drive through it.
Last week we went out with JJ in Y4 and Sam in Y2’s grandma, Catherine, for a lovely long walk around Hucclecote.  Excitedly we were allowed to go out our own for the first time.
We have got to go now as it’s dinner time!!
 Week 6
Willow and Skye have had a very busy half term.  They have been to pupply classes, walks up Robinswood Hill, Crypt fileds and the canal towpath.  They also came to school most days to get used to the school field and surroundings and to help Mr and Mrs Talbot get Mrs Talbot’s new office ready so they can come into school more regularly.  They even investigated the pond area, Mrs Talbot wasn’t happy!
Willow and Skye would like to say a big thankyou to Jessica in Year 2 and her family for the lovely book ‘The Secret Lives of Puppies’.  It will give Mrs Talbot lots of advice and tips.
At Dog’s Blog this week we went outside with Willow and Skye and had a run around with them.  We all took turns to hold them on their leads.  It was fun.
Sometime this month Dog Blog members and Jemma (Y5) will be helping to run a cake sale.  This to fund a new fence so pupils can see the puppies at lunchtime.  We might also be able to include a door.  Mrs Talbot has tried her best so that everyone can see the puppies.

 IMG_1352 IMG_1353 IMG_1354 IMG_1355

Week 4

This week at Dogs Blog we learned that Nikita, Teegan and Dean met the trainer and played a game with the dogs called ‘Relay’ which helps teach the dogs their names.

The dogs have got new harnesses, Willow’s harness is red and Skye’s is purple.  They have name tags with bone shapes on them and pink gems.

They also have new leads which are very long and have double-sided clips which help Mrs Talbot train them by steering them.

Today Willow and Skye went to visit the children in their classes.  Skye went to visit Year 1 and 2 and Willow visited all of Key Stage 2 and Reception Class.

Week 3

This is Skye and Willow reporting to you!

Tomorrow we will have our final jabs so that we will be safe by dirty water!  We are feeling quite nervous about it.

On Saturday we went into our garden for the first time and we met another dog called Woody.  We were very excited and we kept chasing Woody.  We were very curious about the other dog and we were curious to inspect our surroundings.  We really liked being in the garden and are looking forward to going in it again.

Also tomorrow, Helen is coming in to do some more training with us.  This week she will be teaching Mrs Curtis as well as Mrs Talbot.

Now that we are 12 weeks old we have a lot more energy and we enjoy running around and playing.  We think we tire Mrs Talbot out!